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OUR mission

Global Compassion Clinic is a 501c3, not-for-profit, organization that dedicates free integrative healthcare, education, and training to underprivileged people suffering from physical, mental, and emotional pain and disorders in local communities and underserved regions of the world with community health clinics.


OUR Declaration

We exist through the principles of compassion, generosity, and empowerment. The greatest gift that we can give is ourselves unconditionally and selflessly. We thrive by giving what we have wholeheartedly; our time, our resources, our expertise, our knowledge, our skills, and our hearts. We are driven by a desire to help and make a difference in the lives of those suffering from physical, mental, and emotional pain, with depth, vigor, passion, and conviction. We are determined to make a tremendous impact on the world by guiding the underprivileged towards a consistent and self-sufficient way of living a pain-free and empowering life

GCC Event Volunteers

Team Compassion

Dr. Kevin Nguyen

Director of Operations

My commitment is to help over ONE MILLION people with GCC.

Mai Nguyen

Digital Content Manager

If you could say 'forget what everyone else thinks,' what would you be doing right now?

Tom Tinsley

Operations Manager

Live in the Now

Teresa Araucto

Volunteer Coordinator

Tia Hoang

Local Clinic Team Member

Justin Park

Local & Global Clinic

Team Member

MyLinh Truong

Global Clinic Team Member

TJ Bayna

Local Clinic Team Member

Katherine Ly

Local Clinic Team Member

Tina Chu

Local & Global Clinic

Team Member

Ariana Kaiser

Local & Global Clinic 

Team Member

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